I’m new to this blog thing. Forgive my writing style and the composition of my pages. I’m learning. Learning how to stylize, how to compose, how to even build a blog in the first place. And I’m dusting the cobwebs off my long-unused writing skills. I’m a newbie. So I ask for patience, understanding, and forgiveness.

Fresh-faced kid catching fish in Alaska

I used to write a lot, starting when I was in elementary school. I wrote a lot of poetry, mostly silly stuff. I remember writing a long poem about a cat who’s head and tail switched ends somehow. The poem was called Cat the Fred. It was weird (just like me). As a teenager I started writing darker poetry; emotive, depressing, teenage poetry. Some of it was published. I cringe at the idea of trying to find any of it now.

Then I went to college and majored in English Literature with an emphasis on creative writing. I loved it. I read a lot. I wrote a lot. I didn’t like reading Victorian literature. And I absolutely HATED the required course on Shakespeare (imagine having to memorize 154 sonnets by theme). However, I loved post-modern literature, I loved the course I took on graphic novels, and I really enjoyed fictional writing.

But adulthood set in. I worked my way through college as a legal assistant so didn’t have much time for anything except work, classes, and homework. I originally wanted to teach but my boss talked me into taking the LSATs and looking into law school. As usual, life got in the way. I had my first child three weeks after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. So no time for writing, grad school, law school, or anything else.

I moved further and further away from writing or reading. Occasionally I would have ideas swirl through my brain, but none stuck enough to motivate me to make time. And that’s really what it’s all about: making time. It may be cliche, but it’s so true: you can tell what’s important to a person by how they spend their time and their money. If it’s important to you, you will find a way. And writing wasn’t important to me any longer. In it’s place were kids, homemaking, and being a wife. I got sucked into the life of suburbia and mindlessness.

After a very messy divorce (think cheating, domestic violence, restraining orders, homeless shelters, etc.), I was able to reconnect with one thing that I used to love: hiking. I began small and started going on longer and longer hikes, until I started backpacking on my own. My first backpacking trip is really what lead to everything I’m doing now (read my blog post The Picture that Started it All). I shared that photo with a few people and got a great response, so I kept doing it. And kept sharing with more and more people until I realized I should just make an Instagram account so I don’t have to text the pics to so many people!

It’s weird to believe I started my Instagram profile only eight months ago. It has grown so much larger than I imagined, and so quickly too. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by it. Sometimes I’m inspired by it. Sometimes I’m disgusted by it. I get so many messages. I can’t read them all. And I choose not to. I get a lot of gross messages. Early on I learned the hard way not to open pics from just anyone. Too many unwanted, unsolicited dick pics. I get a lot of vulgar messages as well. I don’t do this because I’m looking for sex or to be sexualized (although I know sexualization comes with the territory, even if it shouldn’t). I don’t have a perfect body or a perfect face. Sometimes I look at my pics and start to compare myself to other women on social media. And that never turns out well.

This pic just because ❤

My goal is to inspire. If I inspire you to go for a hike, to enjoy nature, or to accept and embrace your body, flaws and all, then I feel I’ve done something good. I love when I get a message that someone went on a their first hike because one of my posts got them off the couch. I love when someone comments about body acceptance in a positive way. We’re all different, which is awesome. And our flaws make us unique and beautiful. That is what I want to be about. Plus nature, of course.

My favorite graffiti – on the way to a hot spring

As this crazy account has grown, I’ve realized I want to share more than just the little blurb at the bottom of the picture I post. And it felt like at least some of my followers were interested in more as well. So I figured it was time to dust off my writing skills, stop worrying about how poorly I would write as I started off and DO IT! It made sense that if I could be brave enough to start my Instagram account, I could be brave enough to start a blog too. To be honest, it’s overwhelming. There are so many different sites for hosting blogs, different ways to design them, different things I could write about, etc. And my site isn’t perfect, or even close. I just wanted to get it up and running so that I would HAVE to keep going with it. It’s kind of a “shoot, aim, ready” mentality, but otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

So if you get an error, see an issue, or something on my site isn’t working right, let me know! And if you are inspired to get out in nature, please enjoy responsibly. Thanks to everyone for your support.

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  1. Body acceptance is beautiful.

    What isn’t beautiful are all the sad and lonely people who don’t really have a clue what it is all about. I try to be body positive and not worry about what others might think. Probably a lot easier for a man than a woman.

    OTOH a solo male freehiker is very much more likely to be viewed as a threat. It is burden one has to bear if that is what one wants to do.


    1. I’d advise staying away from short-form social media. It gets really toxic really quick. Long-form social media like blogging is a lot less likely to bog down into toxic crap and dick pics. Have a separate email address you only use for your social media replies. And be careful who you keep as followers.


  2. I love this! I couldn’t agree more with Fred. A lot of your social media outlets are plagued with toxic people and unsolicited dick pics, men sending in revenge pics of their wife/girl, and I’m seeing a lot of “nudists” promoting a “get more of me” by paying via an amateur porn link. No doubt social media can be a big producer of traffic, but you have to be careful of all the bad people. However, blogging tends to weed out some of those weirdos because they are looking for some instant chat or thrill. Keep writing these beautiful posts and telling the world who you are. Real people and true followers will come.

    Liked by 1 person

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